So, I sat in th…

So, I sat in those uncomfortable library chairs, creeping through cyberspace on gunky public broadband, typing up the beginnings of a review of the new darlingside album earlier today.  also telling a friend from college about my newest crushes, and getting increasingly attuned to the stutter-steps of my cursor and likewise increasingly pissed at them. 

too many interests sloshed over the pipeline and my own little corner of the web on the corner of the westside library shut down; i had to ‘end now’ my page.  i lost my post.  which really sucks because now it’s too late for me to muster the energy to restore it at least tonight, but my whole reason for breathing today was to have more tangible products of determination than ever before, ever before in the past two years.  i’m hoping to make it all up with this as a placeholder.  it wasn’t a terrible post either – i hope i can bring it back better. 

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